Voxida Secure

Voxida Secure

Advanced security controls for HIPAA, PCI-DSS and Sarbanes–Oxley compliance and to meet internal audit requirements

When undertaking any telecom recording project it is wise to first ensure that your call recording vendor has a proven track-record in mission-critical environments for keeping voice, video and associated meta data safe. Rest assured with Voxida; Accurate Always has worked with Air Force One security experts, various top-secret military and government installations, addressed healthcare's HIPAA requirements for call recording and other highly sensitive projects, with complete success, in the past. This experience promises agility in projects and utmost attention to your data security, locally or remotely. Our dedication to our customer's security needs extends for any onsite, or remote, recording or monitoring of live calls.

Accurate Always' Voxida call recording solutions were first deployed in aerospace and defense applications. Naturally, security, system stability and compliance were paramount concerns. Accurate Always set the standard in security excellence in these critical environments and has extended the same technology to private corporations, healthcare contact centers and all our installations since.

Today's healthcare companies, including hospitals, clinics and patient focused call centers are all dealing with sensitive patient data; it's helpful to know that Voxida was engineered, from the start, to be compatible with HIPAA call recording regulations. Contact centers dealing with credit cards also can explore Voxida's PCI compliance features.

Whether you need to comply with HIPAA, PCI, SOX or internal audit requirements for your patient, customer or departmental data, Accurate Always has an efficient, cost effective answer to your needs, which builds on the excellent security measures inherent in Voxida's core offering.

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