The Voxida 3155 Compact Call Recording and Quality Monitoring Solutions for Small, Growing Contact Centers

The Voxida 3155 is built with the small call center and governmental organization's needs in mind. Like all Accurate Always solutions, the Voxida 3155 systems are capable of recording from digital/TDM, IP and analog telecom and radio interfaces.

    The Voxida 3155 Compact Call Recording appliances feature:
  • Support for 16-32 channels per 3155
  • An intuitive user interface
  • The ability to live-monitor conversations to assure quality interactions, both locally and remotely
  • Full-time, on-demand or scheduled recording options
  • Storage for up to 37,500 channel hours of recording for immediate access
  • The ability to archive unlimited volumes of calls to DVD or NAS, for virtually unlimed storage
  • Multiple onsite and computer-based training options, to get rapidly get your staff up to speed
  • Secure local or remote search, replay and review of telephone or radio communications; and
  • The ability to scale up and out for unlimited recording capacity in a single site or across enterprises.

  • We encourage governmental organizations to contact us for additional COTS/MCOTS and MilSpec options.

Voxida features innovative call recording and quality monitoring software:

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