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Engineering comprehensive communications recording and monitoring solutions

Accurate Always Inc, based in California's Silicon Valley, provides efficient, managed communications recording solutions that fit within existing work-flows and telecom infrastructures. Accurate Always helps call centers, healthcare and governmental organizations catalog voice and video interactions so they may use this intelligence to continuously improve their operations and positively impact their bottom-line.

Accurate Always' founders built the first platform for digital and VoIP communications recording. Rather than repurposing legacy products, engineers designed the Voxida systems with unique technology and took them from napkin-to-market at a rapid pace. Today the systems are in use internationally in demanding, high-traffic call centers and other mission-critical communication facilities.

Voxida was originally put to work in the aerospace industry, so the focus was on building a truly fault-tolerant industrial computing system with guaranteed future support and reliable operation. Accurate Always continues to serve aerospace, government and defense markets and also offers these fully field-proven systems to the private sector. In this way, Accurate Always is uniquely positioned to provide the affordable, serious call recording and quality monitoring solution for today's technical support centers, brokerages, healthcare, biotech and other results-oriented contact centers.

A trusted name in digital voice recording, Accurate Always serves a wide range of call centers that record and monitor calls for quality assurance, compliance, customer-agent interaction verification and to optimize their internal resource utilization. By offering the Voxida call recording integrated solutions, Accurate Always has served domestic and international, private and public sector markets since 2003.

At Accurate Always, we believe that a company is only as good as its values. We pride ourselves on making contact centers, and our world, a better place. Please see more about our corporate values and responsibility here and learn more about what we offer.

Interested in Partnering? As a proven call recording solution, Voxida makes things happen. Our partners see a greater amount of closed sales, reduced support calls, increased revenues, and, most importantly, happy customers. (Of course, Voxida can't take all the credit. Brand recognition, qualified leads and a full arsenal of sales and marketing tools helps.) More…

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