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Accurate Always Releases Optimized Voxida 3000 Series of Call Recording Systems

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Menlo Park, CA - May 25, 2005 - Accurate Always Inc., a leading provider of integrated call recording solutions, today announced the release the Voxida 3000 Series digital voice recording systems.

Voxida is the Accurate Always turnkey recording solution that logs digital and analog telephone and radio, proprietary PBX, intercom, turret and VoIP calls. The Voxida 3000 Series features industrial grade hardware that features fast, proven components and multiple fail-over measures. The Voxida 3000 series allows a user to configure an unprecedented number of call archiving options and is geared for the financial, aviation and defense markets.

"The Voxida 3000 Series are our latest streamlined, fortified integrated call recording systems," commented Yousef Shemisa, CEO of Accurate Always. "They are optimized for speed and provide redundancy at all critical junctures, while providing the full featured digital voice recording and monitoring functionality required for demanding, high traffic contact center environments."

Accurate Always, building on a solid reputation of innovation and system endurance, offers faster and increasingly capable industrial-grade, field-proven call recording systems. The latest generation of voice recording servers is forecasted to provide the same reliability that has become synonymous with the Voxida brand.

About the Voxida Optimized Servers

The Voxida 3000 Series consists of three hardware form factors, the 3100, 3200, 3300. The 3100 provides serious call recording for smaller installations. The 3200 and 3300 units target the needs of mid to large call centers, financial brokerages, aerospace, military and defense. All units can be configured to support multiple telephone, radio, VoIP, turret and PBX telecom interfaces in a single chassis. The units are self-aware and are built with hardware monitoring systems in place. All call recording systems feature hot-swap and easy swap components, which require only moments in the field to rectify any system uncertainty. Voxida is known for its comprehensive call archiving functionality for immediate disaster recovery, full user documentation and training options, remote SNMP messaging, LAN/WAN access, complete version control and guaranteed ongoing support.

About Accurate Always

Accurate Always Inc., based in Half Moon Bay, CA, is a digital voice recording and communications monitoring solution provider. Their exclusive Voxida platform supports all major PBX systems, telecom interfaces and workflow requirements at an attractive price point. The industrial grade Voxida servers deliver powerful, real time call recording, local and remote access, full system security, live quality monitoring and immediate incident reconstruction.

For more information about Accurate Always and the Voxida Call Recording Platform, see www.accuratealways.com
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