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Accurate Always Releases Capabilities Statement for 2013

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Key Differentiators and Competencies for Governmental Markets

Half Moon Bay, CA - May 20th, 2013 - Accurate Always, Inc today announced the release of its Core Capabilities Statement for governmental markets, which highlights past successes on diverse military, healthcare and aviation projects.

In today's statement, Accurate Always pledges to continue its focus on providing intelligently designed, and solidly implemented, communications recording and monitoring solutions for military and governmental intelligence agencies. Accurate Always is uniquely positioned to efficiently record mission communications, patient-clinician interactions in healthcare organizations and ATC communications and radar traffic, with their rapid-fielding approach and extensive use of ruggedized COTS components. Accurate Always' proven performance and operational excellence has historically allowed custom rollouts to come in on time and on budget with minimal, if any, NRE costs both for domestic military requirements and selective FMS.

"Building on a decade's worth of experience, Accurate Always is pleased to announce major advancements in our ongoing service to government," says Kate Haley, Chief Marketing Officer at Accurate Always. "Releasing this year's Core Capabilities Statement is an opportunity for retrospective analysis of prior corporate milestones and an advance preview into 2013's innovations that will impact project success is leaner fiscal times."

About Accurate Always Inc.

Accurate Always Inc., a small, woman-owned business concern, engineers and supports the Voxida communications recording (C4ISR) solutions for aerospace, defense, healthcare and other government applications such as COMINT, SIGINT, lawful intercept, training and simulation. With a proven track record, future-focused design, and a comprehensive COTS/MCOTS platform, Voxida has recorded, monitored and analyzed radio, telephone, intercom, video and radar in both government and commercial environments since 2003. Learn more about Accurate Always' core capabilities on the web or download the Accurate Always' Core Capabilities and Backgrounder brochure here.

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