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Accurate Always CenterSecure™ Finalist for Pipeline's 2015 Security & Assurance Innovation Award

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Pipeline innovation award finalist 2015

Half Moon Bay, CAMay 14th, 2015Accurate Always, a leading provider of comprehensive call recording and analysis solutions, announced that Voxida CenterSecure™ has been nominated for the 2015 Pipeline Award for Innovations in Security & Assurance which is given to innovators that protect organizations from errors, fraud, and malicious attack negatively impacting operations and revenues. The Awards recognize technology solutions that are enabling the next generation of communications products and services and provides objective validation of technological advancements.

CenterSecure automatically documents every time a call center agent, supervisor, manager or administrator interacts with a Voxida communications recording system and what operations he or she has performed during a given period of time. Through an intuitive interface, CenterSecure provides a 360 degree view into user’s logins and logouts to the system, as well as what commands were issued, calls monitored, and all files accessed, reports ran and resources shared. Any communications of concern are available to immediate playback.

“In the wake of several large scale data breaches, Accurate Always is coming to market with a new product to protect the most sensitive data and potentially prevent such data breaches,” said Scott St. John, Executive Editor at Pipeline. “Their 2015 Innovation Awards submission not only showed an innovative approach to address this critical industry issue, it showed the potential to have a lasting impact that gets at the core of the underground data market.”

“We are delighted to be a finalist for Pipeline’s award, and being recognized for our commitment to delivering innovative solutions to help our customers demonstrate compliance, protect vital data and stay ahead of evolving regulatory requirements.” said Kate Haley, CMO at Accurate Always. “Companies are now able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in discovery, compliance and litigation fees using CenterSecure’s audit and reporting capabilities.”

Accurate Always is at the center of mission-critical communications advancements and is delivering what’s next for call recording solutions. Combined with proven professional services and advanced encryption packages, Accurate Always provides a complete solution for an enterprise’s communications security needs.

About Accurate Always Inc.
Founded in 2003, Accurate Always is a leading provider of intuitive, secure communications recording and analysis solutions for government, telecommunications, healthcare, oil and gas and enterprise contact centers. Organizations use this intelligence to analyze customer interactions, capture business intelligence, continuously improve their operations, train agents, and ensure quality to positively impact their bottom-line. The Voxida recording platform quickly and easily fits within existing telecom infrastructures and allows for rapid scalability. For more information, visit https://www.accuratealways.com/ or contact press@accuratealways.com

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