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Accurate Always Announces the Availability of Voxida 3150, 3250 and 3350 Turnkey Communication Recorders

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Half Moon Bay, CA - November 13, 2006- Accurate Always today announced the release of the latest version of Voxida turnkey digital voice recording systems. Fully field tested and designed for critical call recording applications, these models address diverse operational requirements for clear, efficient communications recording and quality monitoring.

Voxida is Accurate Always' comprehensive call center recording and monitoring solution. Voxida has native support for major digital PBX interfaces, IP communications, turret recording and 2-way radio recording. All Voxida systems allow for local or remote user access and have granular security permissions built-in. Each contact center recording solution is fully licensed for live monitoring, selective, full time and on-demand recording, which you can set on a channel-by-channel basis.

"We're really excited to announce the availability of the latest release of Voxida turnkey systems. As always, the new models are fully featured, fault tolerant and revision controlled," said Yousef Shemisa, CEO of Accurate Always. "Voxida call recording systems are engineered to be forward looking, while being fully proven in the present. This release again illustrates that we will continue to deliver on our promise to provide intelligent solutions that are based on an open architecture."

About Voxida

Voxida is currently used to ensure compliance, quality assurance, verification and incident reconstruction in public and private sector applications for brokerages, customer contact centers, healthcare, defense, E911 and aerospace applications. The 3175, 3275 and 3375 are designed to fulfill certain recording requirements per customer needs. The 3175 provides serious call recording for smaller installations. The 3275 and 3375 units target the needs of mid to large call centers, financial brokerages, aerospace, military and defense. All units can be configured to support multiple telephone, radio, VoIP, turret and PBX telecom interfaces in a single chassis. The units are self-aware and are built with hardware monitoring systems in place. All call recording systems feature hot-swap and easy swap components, which require only moments in the field to rectify any system uncertainty. Voxida is known for its comprehensive call archiving functionality for immediate disaster recovery, full user documentation and training options, remote SNMP messaging, LAN/WAN access, complete version control and guaranteed ongoing support.

About Accurate Always

Accurate Always Inc., based in Half Moon Bay, CA, is a digital voice recording and communications monitoring solution provider. Their exclusive Voxida platform supports all major PBX systems, telecom interfaces and workflow requirements. The industrial grade Voxida servers deliver powerful, real time call recording, local and remote access, full system security, live quality monitoring and immediate incident reconstruction.

For more information about Accurate Always and the Voxida Call Recording Platform, see www.accuratealways.com
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