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Accurate Always Announces Call Recording and Maintenance Solution for OTC Market Participants

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Voxida System Helps Firms Meet CFTC Phone Record Retention Requirements

Silicon Valley, CA- October 24, 2013 - Accurate Always, an industry-leading provider of intuitive, cost-effective, turnkey communications recording and analysis solutions, announced today that their Voxida solution can help OTC market participants including Futures Commission Merchants (“FCMs”) and Introducing Brokers (“IBs”), meet the CFTC Phone Record Retention Requirements within 30 days.

“We understand the urgency and demand of OTC market participants in becoming compliant with the CFTC Phone Record Retention Requirements in a post-Dodd-Frank world,” said Kate Haley, Chief Marketing Officer of Accurate Always. “Voxida is designed for rapid implementation - once a firm places an order, they can expect to have an individually-built Voxida solution shipped to their site, preconfigured to gather and sort call data in 30 days.”

Engineered with powerful search capabilities, multi-channel playback for immediate incident reconstruction, intelligent archiving, real-time LAN/WAN access and centralized administration, Voxida has the strongest encryption available in the private sector.

“Firms are challenged with meeting rapidly evolving regulatory requirements, while striving to increase productivity and profitability; through intelligent call capturing and analyzing, they can achieve both,” said Yousef Shemisa, Chief Technology Officer of Accurate Always. “We’ve created a system that not only meets clients’ compliance demands but provides an intuitive call recording solution that is essential for forward-focused organizations.”

To learn more about Accurate Always and the Voxida solutions, please contact press@accuratealways.com or visit www.accuratealways.com.

About Accurate Always

Accurate Always, Inc, based in California's Silicon Valley, provides intuitive, cost-effective, turnkey communications recording and analysis solutions with their exclusive Voxida platform. Voxida, which quickly fits within existing work-flows and telecom infrastructures, helps financial institutions, call centers and other diverse institutions capture, quality monitor and report on their voice and video communications. Clients use this intelligence to continuously improve their operations, train agents, ensure quality interactions and positively impact their bottom-line. Over the past decade, Voxida has been trusted by Fortune 50s, aerospace, healthcare and financial organizations, the US government as well as other customer-focused contact centers.

×Accurate Always’ ISO 9001:2015 registration
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