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Accurate Always Announces Green Technology Initiatives

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New Corporate Giving Program, and Ecologically-Focused Donations, Driven by Organic Growth

HALF MOON BAY, CA - July 25, 2011 – Accurate Always, Inc, today announced a new corporate giving program and an ecological initiative that is in alignment with their Values and Responsibly Statement.

Voxida, the communications recording and monitoring appliances from Accurate Always, are designed to reduce environmental impact as they are engineered to have at least a decade's useful life and to adapt to new technology, whether it's a telecom set-up change, or adoption of VoIP, video, UCM or other new initiatives in a customer's call center. This greatly increases the chances that Voxida will not see a fork-lift or a resource depleting rip-and-replace upgrade. In fact, Accurate Always reports only having one confirmed Voxida replacement at a customer's site, in the past seven years.

Accurate Always now is further reducing their net environmental impact by focusing on benefiting the ecosystem with new projects including planting 1,000 trees, donating to various animal welfare and humanitarian efforts or adopting an acre of rainforest for each system sold.

"Accurate Always has always been committed to providing top-notch, fault-tolerant technology, which is designed for the long haul, and requires minimal resources both in design and implementation stages," said Kate Haley, Chief Marketing Officer at Accurate Always. "Our focus remains on helping our client organizations be great, while operating ethically, at all times, with environmental welfare in mind."

The new the Voxida call recording systems rapidly adopt new technologies and telephone or radio interface upgrades, so they remain leading-edge for the life. This new giving program is reported to be Accurate Always' way to strengthen their commitment to those they work with, while being part of the solution. They have both the track record, and the future commitment, to impact real, positive environmental change.

About Accurate Always Inc.

Accurate Always provides the tools organizations need to record, monitor, retrieve and manage their call and video communications with their Voxida appliances. Voxida is used to reduce liability, ensure regulatory compliance and to improve customer interaction quality, while easily fitting into existing work-flows and telecom setups. Calls can be retrieved, reported on and monitored using a single, unified user interface, in both standalone or multi-site environments. Accurate Always serves a variety of market segments, including healthcare, aerospace, defense and other diverse contact centers, worldwide, for customers including Stanford University and Hospitals, Healthways, Sage, SAIC, CSC, BHP, Textron, LMCO, Boeing, US Army, USN, and the USAF.
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