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Accurate Always Announced Industry-Leading Priority Service Program for Call Center Recording Support

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Menlo Park, CA - May 17, 2004 - Accurate Always Inc., a leading provider of complete, integrated call recording and monitoring solutions for dynamic call center environments, today announced the Priority Service Program, providing industry-leading support for their exclusive Voxida call recording and quality monitoring platform.

Every customer that opts for the Priority Service Program (PSP) is promised expedited top-notch service, lightening fast response times, and spare-in-the air component replacement.

Voxida is a complete turnkey call recording solution. Running on ruggedized hardware in diverse call center environments, Voxida is the proven call capture, search, review and playback solution for verification, quality monitoring and compliance.

"We are excited to deliver top-notch customer care that's affordable for all of our contact center customers, regardless of size," said Kate Haley, Chief Marketing Officer of Accurate Always. "We believe the last thing that customers need is to be put on hold, post purchase. The PSP provides the support our customers need to protect their investment in call recording technology without having to worry about it. We keep PSP subscribers covered and current."

The PSP, designed to be the best support the industry offers, promises each customer their own Senior Support Engineer at Accurate Always, comprehensive system coverage and prompt resolution of any issues that may arise. The PSP is delivered at an affordable price point and can be obtained, for one or more years, at the time of purchasing Voxida.

Building on over 30 years of voice recording expertise, Voxida is the proven, fast, effective and secure solution for public safety, call centers, ATC, healthcare, security and financial call recording. Voxida, deployed worldwide, fulfills requirements for compliance, liability reduction, and delivers immediate multi-channel playback for incident reconstruction. The PSP promises an ongoing commitment to service and support.

About Accurate Always

Accurate Always Inc., based in Half Moon Bay, CA, strives to be the leading multi channel digital call recording and communications monitoring solution provider with their exclusive Voxida platform. Supporting all major PBX systems, telecom interfaces, and workflow requirements at an attractive price point, the industrial grade Voxida servers deliver powerful, real time call recording, local and remote access, full system security, and enable Accurate to quickly obtain market share through carefully selected strategic partnerships and distributor alliances worldwide. For more information about Accurate Always and the Voxida Call Recording Platform, see www.accuratealways.com
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