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Accurate Always Announces Voxida CenterSecure™ Solution

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The Ultimate Call Center Audit Tool for Government, Healthcare, and Highly Regulated Industries

Half Moon Bay, CA - April 29th, 2015, Accurate Always Inc., a leading provider of integrated communications recording and analysis solutions, announced the addition of CenterSecure™ to its Voxida voice and video recording and analysis suite. CenterSecure is designed to capture all user interactions, including files and systems accessed, in the call center or enterprise and provides tools for immediate recall as well as detailed reports.

CenterSecure automatically documents every time a call center agent, supervisor, manager or administrator interacts with a Voxida communications recording system and what operations he or she has performed during a given period of time. Through an intuitive interface, CenterSecure provides a 360 degree view into users’ logins and logouts to the system, as well as what commands were issued, calls monitored, and all files accessed, reports ran and resources shared.

In addition, CenterSecure can be configured to log all agent workstation activity, on both internal and external systems, including search criteria, time of access, what was sent or retrieved and total review time. With CenterSecure, organizations can efficiently track communications asset security breaches across the enterprise and at the same time visually demonstrate compliance to auditors.

“This offering builds upon the end-to-end security already deeply embedded in the Voxida software platform that allows supervisors, managers and administrators to access recordings by agent and incident”, said Kate Haley, CMO and Cofounder of Accurate Always. “It takes it further than call playback as Voxida now, with a few clicks, can return detailed audit reports on all system and user interactions, with an unprecedented level of detail, per user.”

Auditing capabilities are a standard component of most security standards.  The International Organization for Standardization Information Security Standard (ISO 17799/27001-2) calls for it; so do the federal health information security regulations (HIPAA) that address systems containing electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). CenterSecure addresses this growing market need by making the audit process quick, easy and stress-free. With CenterSecure organizations can export a watertight chronicle of a given interaction, department, or provide a historically accurate report on a given agent's activity, which may then be used as evidence in a court of law.

“While knowing your call stats are important, it is equally important to know who, when and where someone interacts with the call recording system and associated resources”, said Yousef Shemisa, CTO of Accurate Always. “CenterSecure enables institutions across the globe to improve risk controls, lower operational costs, enhance investigation efficiency and demonstrate compliance in minutes, instead of months or years of discovery and digging through archives.”

Voxida CenterSecure Features:

Track and Playback

Access and Administration


About Accurate Always Inc.
Founded in 2003, Accurate Always is a leading provider of intuitive, secure communications recording and analysis solutions for government, healthcare and enterprise contact centers. Organizations use this intelligence to analyze customer interactions, capture business intelligence, continuously improve their operations, train agents, and ensure quality interactions to positively impact their bottom-line. The Voxida recording platform quickly and easily fits within existing telecom infrastructures, is compatible with leading PBX platforms and is rapidly scalable for growing organizations. For more information see https://www.accuratealways.com/ or contact press@accuratealways.com

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