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Accurate Always Expands Voxida Call Recording Suite with PatientTrack for Healthcare

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Voxida PatientTrack™ includes MRN Integration and Case ID Integration

Half Moon Bay, CAJune 17th, 2019, Accurate Always Inc., a leading provider of integrated communications recording and analysis solutions, announced the addition Voxida PatientTrack™ to its Voxida Call Recording Suite. Voxida PatientTrack enables doctors, nurses and agents to securely access and report on a patient’s communication history using their unique Medical Record Number (MRN), Case ID, Social Security Number or Patient ID throughout the entire healthcare contact center.  Clinicians, agents and schedulers can save time by easily accessing a patient’s call history and drive better decision-making by putting the interaction history all in one easy-to-view and manage workspace.

Incorporating patient call recordings with Electronic Health Records (EHR) and the ability to easily retrieve them via Voxida PatientTrack without requiring third party integrations for data input is an industry first. The immediate advantages are numerous and include giving healthcare providers easy access to critical patient data, which can be leveraged to increase productivity and improve clinical decision making while allowing for enhanced revenue opportunities at the hospital or health care facility.

“Today’s healthcare contact centers are swamped with data, and struggle for useful patient information, which is key in ensuring the quality of care. By the time the right information is located and digested, the opening for critical patient decisions may have passed, Voxida PatientTrack closes that gap,” said Kate Haley, CMO of Accurate Always.

Full time voice call recording with rules-based records retention, combined with the use of integrated analytics, is now in high demand by healthcare organizations that need to comply with increasingly complex privacy compliance regulations, such as HIPAA, MIPPA and HITECH. With Voxida PatientTrack, Healthcare organizations can be compliant, and patient care can be optimized, all while reducing cost.

 “Tracking patient communications by unique identifiers like MRN or Case IDs is a key component to understanding and improving the patient experience,” said Yousef Shemisa, CTO of Accurate Always. “Our streamlined implementation of Voxida PatientTrack makes it possible for healthcare organizations to quickly assess patient needs and act in their best interest as well as meeting government regulations and audit requirements.”

Voxida Call Recording Suite with Patient Track Features

Quality Care Flexible Recording Playback and Real-Time Intelligence Ease of Access and Administration

Voxida PatientTrack makes it possible for healthcare organizations to quickly assess patient needs and act, as well as meet government regulations and audit requirements.

About Accurate Always Inc.
Founded in 2003, Accurate Always is a leading provider of intuitive, comprehensive communications recording and analysis solutions for healthcare, enterprise contact centers and government. Organizations use this intelligence to analyze customer interactions, capture business intelligence, continuously improve their operations, train agents, and ensure quality interactions to positively impact their bottom-line. The Voxida recording platform quickly fits within existing telecom infrastructures, is compatible with leading PBX platforms, and is easily scalable for growing organizations. For more information visit www.accuratealways.com/healthcare

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