Accurate Always Premiere Partner About the Authorized Partner Program

Interested in representing the Voxida Call Recording Solutions? Here's what is required and what you can expect:

Accurate Always offers two types of Authorized Partnerships: Support Partnerships and Resale Partnerships. Here's a little information about why you should partner with Accurate Always, what is required, and how to proceed.

Why Partner with Accurate Always?

Voxida is pushing call recording technology further. Selling or supporting a leader is the best competitive advantage in today's call recording market.

By becoming a partner, you have a formal endorsement of your expertise in installing, implementing, reselling and supporting Voxida. Our partners enjoy the confidence that comes with recommending a Voxida Call Recording solution. Authorized Resellers and Support Partners are allowed to display and benefit from Voxida's growing brand recognition.

We provide you with the tools you need to sell and support Voxida, including an interactive quoting tool, so that you can exceed your customers expectations and deliver a solution proposal today.

Better yet? As Voxida is field-proven, you see a greater amount of closed sales, reduced support calls, increased revenue-- and, most importantly-- happy customers.

And, while we are being direct, we should mention that our spirited team is a lot of fun to work with. When you partner with us, you have an account manager here at Accurate Always and our team is always available to help out.

What is required to be an Authorized Resale or Support Partner?

We limit the number of resellers in any geographic or vertical market and select qualified partners to deliver leading solutions with superior service.

In short, We are seeking proven systems integrators with experience in As our systems are fully LAN/WAN enabled, Resale and Support Partners must have a good understanding of Windows networking, including TCP/IP, DNS, web, mail and FTP server functioning and troubleshooting.

Resale and Support partners must be experts in computer telephony integration and proven systems integrators. Support Partners are fully responsible for providing technical support to their customers, and/or third party buyers. But, of course, we're here when you need us.

Depending on territory, different levels of sales minimums must be met to ensure the partnership's continuing success into the future.

Ready to apply?

Here's how to become an Authorized Partner

Want to discuss this further with your team?

Here's an introductory PDF letter about our Authorized Resale and Support Partner Program offering.

Be sure to let us know what you think. We look forward to working with you.