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Corporate Values and Responsibility

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Accurate Always exists because people need a sensible, managed way to continuously improve operations. We help them do so, by providing the tools to capture and analyze the information already inherent in their communications.

Future focused and ecologically minded

Our focus remains on helping our client’s organizations be great, while operating ethically, at all times, with environmental welfare in mind. How? Our systems are built-to-last and will likely never see a fork-lift. The Voxida call recoding solutions that we engineer and support are designed to have a useful life of at least a decade. As the Voxida call recording systems rapidly adopt new technologies and telephone or radio interface upgrades, they remain leading-edge for the life. Also, we give you the best, most robust call recording servers on the market today, so frequent system failure is a thing of the past. We believe everyone, including Voxida, looks great in green.

Giving Back: How we- and you - change the world

Accurate Always was founded by people that wanted to significantly give to this world through expansive, accessible technology, focused on helping our clients inspire their workers, better address those they interact with in their centers and by just making their lives a little easier. This concern and dedication to help has led us to set up a unique corporate giving program.

For over nine years, Accurate Always has been contributing to various organizations that are changing our world on a humanitarian, animal welfare or ecological basis. You can help. What we give is influenced by what we get. Sales and goodwill help us to keep expanding our philanthropic reach. Need an example of what we can do? This year we are doing things like planting 1,000 trees, or saving an acre of rainforest, for each Voxida system sold. We'd like to extend our sincere thanks to those we work with for being part of the solution and working towards real change.

About Accurate Always Inc.

Accurate Always manufactures hand-tailored inbound and outbound recording and communications monitoring systems for multiple markets. We serve technology-driven contact centers and customer technical support call centers, healthcare, financial institutions and insurance. Accurate Always also provides turnkey digital voice recording systems to defense and aerospace. Learn more about Accurate Always and what we offer.

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