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The tools organizations need to record, monitor, retrieve and manage their voice and video communications

Accurate Always engineered Voxida to record, monitor and analyze vital communications. Voxida supports call recording from a variety of interfaces including VoIP, digital and analog telephones, radios, trading turrets and video.

Voxida systems are fully proven in high traffic call centers and mission-critical installations. Rapid rollout is ensured as there is minimal integration required and low project overhead. Our process is so easy and effective that most of our customers begin recording from day one.

Voxida is deployed to record calls in single or multiple site contact center environments which require instantly responsive, easy to use, secure call center recording. With detailed customized reports, the ability to monitor calls as they occur, and the extremely important, highly granular user, group and departmental recording and monitoring rules, keep Voxida in demand, worldwide.

Voxida is in service in diverse organizations, ranging from contact centers to outfitting the modern warfighter. Accurate Always supports small to midsized businesses and the Fortune 100. The reasons to record aren’t that dissimilar though across private sector organizations as most are looking to do one or more of the following:

All of these things can be done out of the box, and many more customizations are available as your work with your professional services team.

Reduce project risk and conserve capital with Voxida

The Voxida digital and IP communications recording systems are fully proven in high traffic call centers and mission-critical installations. Rapid rollout is ensured as there is minimal integration required and very low project overhead. The vast majority of centers using Voxida are up and recording from day one. Contact us to learn more about the real costs of recording and quality monitoring calls and how Voxida can help you make call recording a profit, rather than a cost, center.

Additional information about contact center recording

We are highly sensitive to our customer’s contact center recording requirements. As such, Voxida is designed to enhance your best practices and ensure quality, reduce liability, ensure compliance, train agents and celebrate your successes. Whether you want to record calls full time, on demand or by schedule, we have a solution for you. Find out more about the healthcare contact centers, and vast variety of inbound and outbound call centers that Accurate Always supports and see the full Voxida platform here.

Additional information about aerospace and defense recording

Accurate Always also offers the ruggedized and milspec Milvox digital voice recording systems (DVRS) for aerospace and defense. Find information about our COTS/MOTS communication recorders for ATC and also review some of the unique features we offer for defense now.

Please contact us at any time for more information about call center monitoring, recording, Accurate Always' leading support, and the Voxida U training programs.

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