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Proven Voice and Video Recording Software and Appliances for Aerospace

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Compliant radio, telephone, video, radar and intercom recording

Accurate Always' industrial-grade, fully ruggedized, secure servers record, monitor and replay vital voice and video call data in real-time. Voxida, and the MILSPEC Milvox appliances, are engineered to function in diverse civil and military aviation centers, providing reliable ATC event monitoring and unified base-wide communications recording.

With revision-controlled hardware and critical components that are all hot or easy swap, we provide mission-critical recording software and systems that work today, while keeping your facility operational tomorrow. The Voxida digital voice recording systems provide support for multiple time zones, net clocks and GPS time stamps, simultaneously record and playback calls, and exceed ICAO online storage requirements. Fully field-proven in high-traffic aerospace environments, Voxida effectively records tower, customer care center and base communications.

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Why use the Voxida COTS digital communication recorders?

New users get up-to-speed

Today. The Voxida Viewer is the intuitive, consistent, rich graphical user interface that's extremely easy to learn, so that your staff is productive from day one. We can have basic users fully operational in an hour or two.

Flexible, hybrid recording

Our purpose-built appliances can be tailored to record a mix of digital and IP telephone, radio, video cameras, and radar, allowing you to record diverse systems today, and effortlessly accommodate communication upgrades in the future. See current integrations.

Speed and unprecedented information

Voxida is extremely fast and lean makes intelligent use of call "triggers." The DVRS automatically responds to line signaling events, thereby capturing a much richer level of detail than is possible with VOX-driven recording products.

Your center remains operational

Voxida's single board computer design, used in enterprise systems, has 100% headroom throughout for maximum reliability. This guarantees revision control to ensure drop-in replacement repairs. Critical components are redundant and hot-swaps can be done in the field without powering down.

Seamless, secure operation

Engineered from the start to be a true networked client - server recording platform, Voxida makes it easy for your systems administrators and your end users to achieve more in less time. Remote operations work just like local operations, with full support for internal networks and security requirements.

Support and investment protection

Each build is fully documented and communicated to all support engineers at Accurate Always, via our private knowledge management system, avoiding any latencies in support handling and ensuring continuity in care. As all systems are scalable, and have a long life cycle, your investment is protected.

×Accurate Always’ ISO 9001:2015 registration
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