Voxida COTS DVRS: Proven Aerospace Digital Voice Recording Systems

Powerful radio, telephone, video, radar and intercom voice logging for air traffic control, test flight data recording and commercial aviation call recording requirements

Accurate Always' industrial-grade, fully ruggedized, secure servers record, monitor and replay vital call data in real-time. We offer two COTS/MOTS digital voice recording server models for aviation. The Voxida 3275 rack mount system and the Voxida 3375 enterprise unit are the robust communication recorders designed for serious aerospace recording applications.

Voxida is engineered to function in diverse civil and military aviation centers, providing reliable air traffic control (ATC) tower event monitoring and unified base-wide call recording. With revision-controlled hardware and critical components that are all hot or easy swap, Voxida DVRS are ready for the most demanding applications today, while keeping your facility operational tomorrow.

The Voxida digital voice recording systems provide support for multiple time zones, net clocks and GPS time stamps, simultaneously record and playback calls, and exceed ICAO online storage requirements. Fully field-proven in high-traffic aerospace environments, Voxida effectively records ATC calls, fighter test flight data, tower and base communications.

You can see our call recording solutions at work within all areas of the public and private sector, providing custom, ruggedized solutions for aerospace, worldwide. Some of the projects that we have worked on include recording US Navy flight test data, monitoring communications recording for commercial aviation and in defense proving grounds. Additionally, Voxida was deployed in the Joint Strike Fighter airborne test platform.

Major communications proprietary protocols are supported, including Clear-Com/Drake, Cisco, Avaya and additional trunk-side technologies. See more about Voxida's interface compatibility here.

Why use the Voxida COTS digital communication recorders?

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Voxida Software Suite
Voxida Additional Modules

Voxida Communications Recording Systems

Voxida is offered as a comprehensive solution that combines the hardware and call recording software required to capture and monitor VoIP, digital or analog phone, radar or radio communications in a single appliance. There are several primary models that may be used in your facility.

Voxida Communications Recording Software Suite

Voxida is designed to respond to your demands, accommodate your work-flow and efficiently capture, monitor, report and replay VoIP, digital and analog phone, video, radio, radar or intercom communications. The primary Voxida Software Suite includes the tools you need to record communications on the DVRS.

Optional Voxida Call Recording
Software Modules

The Voxida Call Recording Software Suite allows you to monitor, record calls full-time, on-demand, or by schedule and run custom reports, while monitoring the health of the DVRS. Accurate Always offers additional software modules to enhance your experience with Voxida.