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Call Recording & Monitoring for Security Offices and Applications

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Voxida digital voice recorders enable you to act

When a threat strikes, Voxida provides real-time monitoring and immediate reconstruction of the incident to dispatch resources efficiently.

Voxida voice recording software and appliances are the answer for federal, state, local and private security needs. Accurate Always allows you to prepare, react, and recall incidents, helping to ensure a safe tomorrow.

The call recording software ensures compliance, tracks interactions and has a long useful life. Better yet? It's so easy to use that most operators only need an hour or two to become proficient on the rich features and ease of system operation.

Voice and video call recording software and appliances

Voxida Software SuiteThe Voxida call recording software suite records, monitors and reports on calls
Voxida Additional ModulesAdditional software enhancements build on the Voxida software suite
SystemsWe also offer a turnkey solution with the Voxida appliances
The Voxida digital voice recording systems are assembled, hand-configured, fully tested and burned-in at our Silicon Valley, CA, USA facilities.
×Accurate Always’ ISO 9001:2015 registration
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