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Call recording solutions for teleworkers

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Comprehensively record calls for your dstributed workforce

Businesses have been facing ongoing challenges of supporting a location-diverse workforce. This has hit call centers and those relying on critical communications infrastructure especially hard as most call recording systems are ill-equipped to handle hybrid work environments.

As it's hard to say when, or if, workforces will be fully moved back in-house it's important to have a call recording solution that can flexibly move between as many deployment scenarios as it takes now or in the future. Our Voxida systems can be configured, and reconfigured, to record locally or remotely with digital, analog or IP phones. If your telecom set up changes Voxida licenses can largely move as new interfaces are added or removed on your system. This protects your investment and makes future deployments extremely efficent.

Whether you are new to Voxida, or sending your systems to a new site, it will rapidly get your remote workers up and recording in a centralized, easy to administer, solution. Accommodating multiple enterprise PBX models and trunk-interfaces, Voxida is agile and adaptable to record calls today and if additional relocation is necessary in the future.

Contact us to learn more about supported systems and timelines for success. You can also learn more about how we're supporting communications infastucture during pandemic response.

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