Digital/TDM, Analog and VoIP Call Recording and Video Monitoring Solutions

DVRS for construction, business offices, campuses, utilities, mass transportation, gaming, railroads and other high-traffic call centers

Voxida, the exclusive call recording platform from Accurate Always, is trusted for enterprise-wide communications monitoring and call recording. Voxida's full-time, on-demand and local or remote live monitoring functionality benefits a wide range of organizations.

Voxida is quick to adopt and features valuable playback, incident reconstruction and review functions through an intuitive interface. Meet Voxida and see the detailed information on the Voxida call center solutions to learn how call recording is intuitive and fail-safe.

Learn more about the Voxida Systems

Voxida is offered as a turnkey solution, that combines the hardware and software required to record and monitor calls in your center. There are several primary hardware systems that may be used to record in your center. You can see the available call recording systems here:

Voxida Software Suite
Voxida Additional Modules

Voxida Call Recording and Monitoring Systems

Voxida is offered as a comprehensive solution that combines the hardware and call recording software required to capture and monitor VoIP, digital or analog phone or radio communications in a single appliance. There are several primary models that may be used in your center.

Voxida Communications Recording Software Suite

Voxida is designed to respond to your demands, accommodate your work-flow and efficiently capture, monitor, report and replay your VoIP, digital and analog conversations. The primary Voxida Software Suite includes the tools you need to record calls.

Optional Voxida Call Recording
Software Modules

The Voxida Call Recording Software Suite allows you to quality monitor, record calls full-time, on-demand, or by schedule and run custom contact center reports. Accurate Always offers additional software modules to enhance your experience with Voxida.

Email our sales engineers for information about our real-time recording solutions for security, construction, business offices, utilities, railways and gaming and we can tell you how we've helped organizations like yours in the past.