Call Recording for Security

Digital, Analog and VoIP Phone, Radio and Video Call Recording & Monitoring for Security Applications

Voxida digital voice recorders enable you to act

When a threat strikes, Voxida provides real-time monitoring and immediate reconstruction of the incident to dispatch resources efficiently.

Voxida voice recording is the answer for federal, state, local and private security needs. Accurate Always allows you to prepare, react, and recall incidents, helping to ensure a safe tomorrow. Learn more:

Voxida Call Recording Systems

Voxida is offered as a comprehensive call recording solution that combines the hardware and call recording software required to capture and monitor VoIP, digital or analog phone or radio communications. A single Voxida appliance can simultaneously record video, digital, analog and VoIP calls.

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Voxida Software Suite

Voxida Communications Recording Software Suite

Voxida is designed to respond to your demands, accommodate your work-flow and efficiently capture, monitor, report and replay your telephone calls. The primary Voxida Software Suite includes the tools you need to record calls and assure quality in your call center.

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Voxida Additional Modules

Optional Voxida Call Recording Software Modules

The Voxida Call Recording Software Suite allows you to quality monitor, record calls full-time, on-demand, or by schedule and run custom contact center reports. Accurate Always offers additional call center software modules to further enhance your experience with Voxida.

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Need more information on Voxida security call monitoring and digital voice recording solutions? Email our sales engineers today

The Voxida digital voice recording systems are assembled, hand-configured, fully tested and burned-in at our Silicon Valley , CA, USA facilities.
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