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Communications Recording Appliances and Software for Government

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Secure, proven COTS turnkey voice and video recording systems and software

Accurate Always focuses on providing intelligently designed, and solidly implemented, communications recording, reproducing, and monitoring solutions for military and additional governmental agencies. We developed Voxida, and the hardened Milvox recorder variants, to address diverse COMINT and SIGINT communications capture and analysis requirements.

Voxida, and the Milvox hardened recording appliances, are engineered to act. Fully scalable, and able to capture and monitor multiple communications interfaces in a single chassis, they are deployed in environments that require highly available, secure, US-made systems.

The purpose-built recorder reproducers are compatible with almost all communications interfaces and have native integrations with digital, IP and analog phone and radios, intercom, video, radar and other data communications platforms.

A turnkey solution for governmental projects, the recording appliances combine the hardware and software required to record voice communications in a single solution. There are several primary hardware systems that may be used to record calls, and all provide an easy-to-use interface for playback, call management, reporting, incident reconstruction, and post action review. Voxida is also available in a virtual and software-only configuration.

View the available digital voice and video recording appliances

For more information about industrial rackmount DVRS for defense, MILSPEC solutions, and our past performance on Army, Navy, USAF, and other governmental projects, please contact us.

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