Communications Recording for Defense

Milvox Hardened Voxida Digital Voice Recording Systems for Defense & Aerospace

COTS/MCOTS turnkey recording and monitoring solutions capture phone, radio, video and radar communications

Accurate Always focuses on providing intelligently designed, and solidly implemented, communications recording and monitoring solutions for military and governmental intelligence agencies. Voxida and Milvox, our exclusive digital voice recording platforms, monitor vital calls, archive to solid state/DVD/NAS/SAN and retrieve digital, VoIP and analog communications, video, radar, intercom and radio for playback and review. Voxida allows immediate interdepartmental sharing of records, real-time monitoring, surveillance and accurate reconstruction of incidents for COMINT and SIGINT.

The Voxida DVRS is engineered to act, always "listening" on the phone or radio lines so you record voice and the associated call detail. Fully scalable, and able to capture and monitor multiple telephone and radio interfaces in a single chassis, Voxida is deployed in environments that require an immediate response, real-time operations and rugged reliability. See Accurate Always core capabilities.

The Milvox optimized digital voice, video and radar recording systems for ATC, security agencies and defense organizations

Voxida is offered as a turnkey solution, that combines the ruggedized hardware and software required to record and monitor calls in a single appliance. There are several primary hardware systems that may be used to record, depending on your center or mission requirements, each of which provide comprehensive monitoring and full-time or selective recording, archival and review tools. You can see the available call recording systems here:

Accurate Always also engineers hardened, mission-critical milspec systems for defense that are compatible with digital, analog and trunked radio as well as most enterprise PBX, intercom and IP radio and telephone, video and radar communications. These systems support your operations while providing full, immediate, call detail intelligence.

For more information about industrial rackmount DVRS for defense, milspec solutions, and service for Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Homeland Security and other governmental use, please contact us at 1-800-828-9428 or email us.

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