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Accurate Always Inc's Core Capabilities

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About Accurate Always and the Milvox solutions

Accurate Always Inc, based in the Silicon Valley, is a woman-owned small business that manufactures and supports the Voxida communications recording and monitoring systems which capture, analyze and archive voice, video and radar communications from telephone, radio, video and computer networks. Milvox digital voice recording systems (DVRS) for SIGNIT and COMINT are COTS/MCOTS and can record Voice over IP (VoIP), Radio over IP (RoIP), analog and digital radio and TDM phone calls off a supported PBX system in a single or multiple site recording or surveillance solution.

Accurate Always focuses on providing intelligently designed, and solidly implemented, communications recording and monitoring solutions for military and governmental intelligence agencies. Serving aerospace and defense markets since 2003, Accurate Always has recorded test flight data, healthcare patient calls, ATC COMs and served in other security-related communications monitoring functions both for domestic military requirements and selective FMS. Accurate Always also provides engineering and consulting services, focused on maintaining communications integrity, project management, security and disaster recovery.

For more information about Accurate Always and our defense and security offerings, please contact us at 1-800-828-9428 / +1-650-728-9428 or by email.

×Accurate Always’ ISO 9001:2015 registration