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Accurate Always' past performance on governmental and security projects

Accurate Always engineers feature-rich Milvox COTS communications recording, monitoring, archiving and analysis solutions that address the needs of military, government, aerospace, healthcare and homeland security. The technology applications for such recording devices are vast.

Here is a list of select projects that we have worked on providing

About Accurate Always Inc.

Accurate Always Inc. engineers and supports the Voxida communications recording (C4ISR) solutions for aerospace, defense and government applications such as COMINT, SIGINT, lawful intercept, training and simulation. With a proven track record, future-focused design, and a comprehensive COTS/MCOTS platform, Voxida has recorded, monitored and analyzed radio, telephone, intercom, video and radar in both government and commercial environments since 2003.

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Accurate Always is a Small, Woman-Owned business concern. The Voxida digital voice recording systems are assembled, hand-configured, fully tested and burned-in at Silicon Valley, CA facilities. For more information please contact us at 1-650-728-9428 or by email.

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