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Mission Recorders for Defense

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Rugged COTS mission voice recorder captures digital, analog and IP voice, video and radar communications

Accurate Always Inc. manufactures Voxida and the rugged Milvox mission voice recorder systems which are used to log flight data, record ATC and other vital communications. All of the digital recording systems can be outfitted to record radio, telephone, radar, and video and have support for existing communications systems.

Milvox and Voxida allow you to log full time, by schedule or on demand on a channel-by-channel basis. Search by comments, ANI, DNIS, caller, talk group, date, time stamp, durations, review status, keyword, comments or annotations and custom fields. Multi-play up to 8 channels of digital, IP or analog telephone and radio at once for comprehensive, synchronized playback and immediate incident reconstruction. Mission Video can be logged by a Voxida Video system, or with voice capture, for synchronous playback.

Including self-aware hardware, the mission voice and video recorders provide full SNMP messaging, AES and SHA encryption, live monitoring and record up to 256 channels in a single hardened chassis (or up to 480 concurrent VoIP conversations). Voxida and Milvox provide full fail-over in all critical junctures and their hot-swap RAID-1, RAID-5 and RAID-10 drive mirroring and disk striping is hardware-based, a mission-critical feature that ensures your data integrity. Additionally we offer solid-state systems in both COTS and MCOTS configurations. Using an open architecture and a consistent user interface, the digital voice and video logging systems record multiple signal types.

Accurate Always Inc, based in the Silicon Valley, is a woman-owned small business that manufactures and supports the Voxida communications recording and monitoring systems which capture, analyze and archive voice, video and radar communications from telephone, radio, radar, video and computer networks. Milvox, a hardened variant of Voxida, digital voice recording systems for SIGNIT and COMINT are COTS/MCOTS and can record IP, digital and analog interfaces, video and other data in a single or multiple site recording or surveillance solution. All communications recording appliances are purpose-built, fully tested and burned in at our Silicon Valley, CA facilties.

×Accurate Always’ ISO 9001:2015 registration
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