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What is Cisco Active Recording?

Cisco Active Recording is sometimes employed to record communications in certain Cisco collaboration architectures. Active Recording allows for the recording of voice and video communications.

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With Cisco Active Recording, audio and video streams from calls or conferences can be captured and stored for later playback, analysis, or archival purposes. The feature can be used with various Cisco collaboration platforms, including Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), and Cisco Webex. 

Recording Cisco calls is accomplished by capturing and ongoing phone call or communication session in real-time. The recordings are used for several purposes, such as quality assurance, compliance, training, assuring interaction quality and dispute resolution.

Voxida, Accurate Always Inc’s solution which supports Cisco recording, is commonly used in contact centers, healthcare, financial institutions, and other industries where call recording is essential for compliance, quality monitoring, and training purposes. Voxida can be configured for active or passive recording and can provide full cradle-to-grave call capture and analysis.

Voxida active recording systems and software allow for

Call Recording
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Contact our sales engineers for more information and specifics on active recording capabilities available with your specific Cisco collaboration environment. They can also set up a private web demo so you can see Voxida in a real-world environment.

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