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How Do I Record Cisco SIP Calls?

Cisco SIP call recording best practices

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Recording Cisco SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) calls generally involves using a third-party call recording solution that integrates with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (or “CUCM”, formerly known as Cisco CallManager), Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (“UCCE”) or Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (“UCCX”). The recording software selected should be designed and field-proven for recording Cisco SIP sessions.

When approaching a SIP call recording project, it’s important to determine who is on the project team in your organization. You will need basic system information about how Cisco is deployed in your organization and what your recording goals are. Common ones are to ensure communications compliance, training agents, verification, process improvement and enhanced customer care.

To further ensure compatibility the solution should be sourced from a Cisco solution provider partner, such as the Voxida unified communications recording systems and software from Accurate Always Inc. At this stage a sales engineer will be able to answer any questions, provide a private demo, and architect a solution to present to you and your team. Voxida software for recording calls and the turnkey Voxida systems are all built-to-order and hand-tailored to work in your Cisco environment in a way that best supports your internal processes. 

Depending on supply chain timing, Voxida can be hand-built and installed in as few at 30 days and have you recording as soon as day one of the rollout. This stage involves deploying software or hardware components within your network infrastructure, setting up retention and security policies and training your users.

SIP call recording policies will be set in Voxida that allow you to record full time, all the time (also known as 100% recording or automatic recording), by schedule or on demand. The recording modality can be specified on a phone by phone (endpoint by endpoint) basis. You should determine which SIP calls should be recorded—for example: all calls, specific extensions, or certain call types. The call recording solution will be configured to adhere to these policies.

A final testing and verification stage is required. It’s essential that the call recording setup functions as expected. Make test calls using SIP devices and verify that the calls are being recorded and stored correctly. Perform quality checks to ensure the recorded audio is clear and intelligible. The Voxida team does this, as well as analyzing 24x7 traffic on your SIP recorder, during the installation period to ensure that all is functioning as expected.

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Contact our sales engineers for more information and specifics on Cisco SIP recording capabilities available with your specific Cisco collaboration environment. We’re happy to share best practices in a vendor-neutral context and look forward to connecting soon.

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