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Compunetix Recorders for the Mission Voice Platform

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Call recording and monitoring solutions that work with your existing
Compunextix Mission Voice Platform infrastructure

Communication recording, analysis and archiving systems are needed in comprehensive command and control environments. Voxida, manufactured and supported by Accurate Always Inc, is engineered to work with the Compunetix Mission Voice Platform (MVP) line.

Voxida captures all associated call details along with the audio, which allows you to find, report on, and analyze your communications quickly and easily. Video, data and telemetry communications can also be recorded by the Voxida hardware and software solutions. 

Search your records by operator, group, extension, channel, date, time, duration, comment, flag or other customizable fields and Voxida will immediately return every call recording that fits your search criteria. Additionally, Voxida allows you to securely live-monitor calls over your private network while they are being recorded. 

Of note, Accurate Always Inc. also offers a MILSPEC recording appliances with the Milvox line to record communications for small to large scale deployments.

All Voxida C2 Recorders are proven for

Communication Recording

Voxida captures and stores audio communications between operators, pilots, ground personnel, facilities or other relevant parties. This is essential for reviewing and analyzing decision-making processes, identifying errors, demonstrating compliance or for debriefing purposes.

Real-Time Monitoring

Voxida offers real-time monitoring capabilities to enable operators to observe ongoing activities. Communications can be shared, commented on and flagged for rapid response.

Training and Simulation

Voxida has long been used in US governmental deployments as valuable tools for training new personnel, simulating scenarios, and conducting after-action reviews to enhance decision-making and overall performance. See our Navy case study here.

Data Logging

Voxida systems record essential data points such as time stamps, flags, comments, categories, user activity, and other relevant information for tracking and analysis.

Redundancy and Scalability

If your critical command and control operations requires redundancy to ensure data integrity and continuity the Voxida systems are designed to meet these needs. Whether you are operating a single site, or a geo-diverse install, all Voxida systems can scale up and out as needs change.

Compliance and Investigation

Voxida C2 recorders are used to ensure compliance with regulations and standards, and they can provide valuable data for post-incident investigations. Voxida keeps a full user activity audit so discovery is efficient and effective, allowing organizations to demonstrate compliance without headaches.

Data Security

The Voxida C2 recorders implement security measures to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access. It is registered in ITAR and various encryption methods and modalities are exercised depending on what’s required in a given red or black environment.

Event Logging

The C2 recorders log important events, such as system status changes, alerts, and any significant occurrences during the operation. There is also the opportunity for users to flag, comment, annotate or share critical communications with the appropriate permissions in place.

Playback and Analysis

The recorded data can be later replayed and analyzed to understand the sequence of events, assess the effectiveness of operations, and improve performance.


The Voxida Recording and Monitoring Systems

As a comprehensive call recording solution, Voxida combines the hardware and software required to capture and monitor intercom, phone, video or radio communications. A single Voxida appliance can simultaneously record video, digital, analog and VoIP calls and is completely scalable.

Voxida Software Suite

The Voxida Communciations Recording Software Suite

Voxida is designed to respond to your demands, accommodate your work-flow and efficiently capture, monitor, report and replay your voice and video calls. The primary Voxida Software Suite includes the tools you need to record calls, run reports, and archive communications securely.

Voxida Additional Modules

Optional Voxida Call Recording Software Modules

The Voxida Software Suite allows you to monitor, record calls full-time, on-demand, or by schedule, and run custom reports. Accurate Always offers additional software modules to further enhance your experience with Voxida.

The Voxida Optimized Digital, Analog and IP Voice and Video Recorder Systems

Voxida is offered both as a software-only and a turnkey solution providing the tools needed to record critical communications for incident reconstruction, compliance, training and post action review. There are several primary hardware appliances that you can use to record calls in your center, each of which provide comprehensive monitoring and call recording tools.

About Compunetix

Compunetix is a global technology company that specializes in developing advanced collaboration and communication solutions. The company is well-known for its expertise in teleconferencing, video conferencing, and collaboration technologies, catering to various industries and sectors.

Compunetix offers a range of products and services, including audio and video conferencing solutions for efficient voice and video collaboration. They also provide unified collaboration platforms that integrate audio, video, and web conferencing capabilities into a single, cohesive solution, enhancing communication and collaboration efficiency. Like the Voxida communications recording solutions from Accurate Always Inc, Compunetix is likewise focused on providing communication solutions tailored for mission-critical applications, such as command and control centers, emergency services, and defense communications.

With a focus on providing reliable and secure communication solutions, Compunetix serves a diverse customer base that includes enterprises, government agencies, educational institutions, and service providers worldwide.

Next Steps

Let Accurate Always assess your requirements and propose a solution that is a fit for your call volume, workflow and budget. For more information about recording Compunetix calls please send our sales engineers an email or use our contact form to set up a private web demo.

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