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PBX Model Support

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The Voxida digital call recording systems are compatible with enterprise PBX

The Voxida voice and video communications recording solutions are designed to work with the vast majority of enterprise phone systems and can record VoIP, TDM and analog phones in a single solution. Lists of the supported PBX models, by manufacturer, are available through the links below.

New support is being added all the time so if you do not see your particular model listed please contact us. The odds are very good that support for that PBX model is already offered in the Voxida platform.

Voxida digital call recording systems are compatible with Aspect, Avaya, Cisco, Ericsson, Inter-Tel, Mitel, Nortel (Avaya Blue), NEC, Siemens and other supported enterprise PBX. Learn more about specific model support on the pages that follow:

Command and control
recording integrations
Video conferencing
recording integrations
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