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Cisco Call Recording Software for CUCM, UCCE & UCCX

Call recorders that work with your existing Cisco network

The Voxida voice recording software and hardware solutions fully support your current, and future, Cisco telecom environment. Voxida is engineered to work with enterprise PBX and gateway models allowing you to passively or actively record IP systems such as CUCM, UCCE and UCCX. When you record Cisco phone calls all associated details are captured with the audio, which is important when you need to find, report on, and analyze your communications.

Search through your records by agent, group, extension, ANI, DNIS, date, time, duration, comment, flag or other customizable fields, and Voxida will immediately return all calls that fit within your search criteria. Additionally, Voxida allows you to securely live monitor voice conversations over your private network while they are being captured. 

Are your calls encrypted? We provide a straight-forward Cisco call recording and playback experience that supports encrypted Cisco calls.

Voxida is trusted to capture and monitor IP voice and videoBook a Demo
Cisco recording model support includes the
  • Cisco CallManager / Unified Communications Manager (CUCM)
  • Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) systems
  • Cisco CallManager Express / Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX)

VoIP Call Recording and Quality Assurance Systems

Voxida is usually offered as a comprehensive call recording system that combines the hardware and software required to capture, monitor and report on communications. In some cases, a software-only solution is appropriate as well. A single Voxida appliance can simultaneously record video, digital, analog and VoIP calls.

Voxida Software Suite

The Cisco Compatable Call Recording Software Suite

Voxida is designed to respond to your demands, accommodate your work-flow, and efficiently capture, monitor, report and replay your telephone, video and radio calls. The primary Voxida Software Suite includes the tools you need to record calls and assure quality in your contact center, hospital or governmental organization.

The Voxida recording systems with full, integrated CallManager, SIP, CUCM, SCCP and UCCE support

Voxida can be used to increase profitability while allowing you to exceed customer satisfaction goals in your contact center. Voxida is offered as a turnkey solution, that combines the hardware and software required to record customer-agent interactions and quality monitor calls in your center in a single appliance. There are several primary hardware appliances that may be used to record in your center, each of which provide comprehensive quality monitoring and full-time or selective call recording tools for technical support desks and multimedia contact centers for inbound and outbound calls.

Let Accurate Always assess your recording and quality monitoring requirements and propose a solution that is a fit for your center's volume, workflow and budget. Contact our sales engineers today about Cisco IP voice call recording solutions.

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