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Full-Time Call Recording Solutions

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Record all of the calls, all of the time, and by schedule

If you are interested in capturing calls for compliance or liability reduction, full-time recording is a good option for your contact center. Industries including public safety, financial, healthcare, aerospace often choose full-time recording for their mission-critical call capture. This can be accomplished on all lines, all of the time, or by schedule on a per extension/channel basis.

The 100% recording challenge

When you record full-time, you have more records than you would if you only selectively recorded calls. This requires system speed, intelligent online storage and reliable, managed archiving. Accurate Always built the Voxida digital and VoIP call recording systems to handle all your calls, all of the time, and to retrieve large volumes of call data from the RAID hard drives, NAS or DVD archived calls.

Voxida gets the job done with a solid architecture, rapid response times with on-the-fly call processing, and a fully customizable suite of archiving solutions available to your through a user-friendly interface. What you need is what you get.

Real-Time Interaction

With Voxida's lean architecture, search and review tools, and large online storage capabilities, full-time conversation capture is accomplished in real time, allowing you to comment, flag and annotate calls as they occur. Excellent compression, without audio quality degradation, allows you to store otherwise unheard-of amounts of data on Voxida for immediate recall. Because Voxida compresses calls as they happen, system latencies are a thing of the past.

Scheduled Recording

for agents, extensions, groups and channels with schedules you design and apply

It's helpful to know that even if you are recording calls all of the time, Voxida allows you to limit your recording to occur during a defined schedule, for certain extensions, call types or other criteria that you can specify.

One of the more powerful features that Voxida offers is the ability for a manager or supervisor to create and assign custom call recording schedules. These schedules allow for 100%/full-time recording during a work shift, by channel or port, and for specific agent training and review.

Voxida also offers comprehensive contact center reporting software which allow you to see data on the scheduled periods, providing valuable analytics about the agent and work group performance in your contact center.

During these scheduled periods, supervisors still have quality monitoring control and a suite of real-time review tools available for live call analysis.

Fully Flexible Call Recording

For full-time recording, scheduled recording or on demand call recording needs, Voxida accommodates your most diverse and dynamic contact center requirements. Voxida is easily configured to record all lines full time, record telephone and radio calls by schedule, or selectively. These settings are available on a channel-by-channel, or an extension-by-extension, basis and you can instantly apply a single setting to your entire site, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

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