Selective/On-Demand Contact Center Telephone Recording

Selectively record inbound & outbound contact center telephone calls on demand

Learn to be demanding.

Capture only the calls you want to. Just click a button and Voxida appliances immediately record your call. Voxida enables you to quality monitor and initiate recordings through the Monitor and Record on Demand software even if your PBX/PABX does not have this expensive feature.

It's also helpful to note that you can also record all conversations . Voxida has the speed and storage to capture, catalog and retrieve all of your vital calls. Any Voxida solution will allow you to specify which extension or radio channel will be recorded, and if this recording will be done full time or just when you specify.

How Voxida obeys your every wish

Just say go. Voxida is already actively "listening" to every call in your call center. If you have Record on Demand enabled on your unit or on a single channel, all you have to do is click record when you want to capture a call as it happens.

About Voxida's built-in agility to record on demand, per schedule and full time

For full-time call recording, scheduled, random and record on demand requirements, Voxida accommodates your most diverse and dynamic contact center needs. Voxida is easily configured to capture all of the conversations, all of the time, or to record only when you want it to. These settings are available on a per channel, or per extension, basis. You can also simply apply a single setting to your entire site.

See the page on real-time quality monitoring calls for an introduction to live monitoring and to understand why this quality assurance feature can dramatically change how your contact center functions.

Want more? Email the Accurate Always business development team for a perfect fit solution for your needs.
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