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Quality Assurance Solutions for Contact Centers

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Learn about contact center quality assurance and agent-customer interaction monitoring software solutions

These days, operating a customer contact center can be expensive. Analytic reporting, agent training, high turnover rates or losing a customer affect the bottom line. Even neglecting opportunities to provide excellent service and upsell can greatly cost your center.

Voxida, the integrated call recording and call center quality assurance platform, proactively enables your supervisors. It alerts you to potential problems before they occur, giving you real-time quality assurance controls. As such, Voxida allows you continue to provide the exceptional service you are known for.

Ensure customer-agent interaction quality in your contact center

When you quality monitor customer calls, you get real-time data about agent performance and you can often identify potential problems before they happen. As you automatically see the agents and extensions in your center or group when you use Voxida, you just need to select the agents that you wish to monitor and exercise the full controls to listen, comment, flag and record the agent conversations while they are occurring. This can all be done while actively reviewing and replaying other calls, so you can efficiently ensure quality interactions, in real time.

Train contact center agents

Empowered agents are vital assets to your company. Helping users understand how to handle conversations and optimizing the caller's experience are valuable both to your bottom line and in encouraging call center agents to continue to succeed.

Recordings are an excellent tool to discuss and use in agent training and quality review meetings. You can select calls to burn to a custom DVD, or email or export agent calls to use when creating a realistic curriculum that is specific to your contact center.

Reduce costs

(... and become the envy of other customer contact center operators.)
Telephone call quality monitoring is part of the standard Voxida software offering so you can save money on what is normally an expensive PBX add-on while you sweeten your bottom line with Voxida. Your job is easier and you are assured, through Accurate Always' ongoing innovation, that your investment in call center voice recording technology will be protected.

Optimize agent performance and focus on contact center quality assurance

See the Voxida quality assurance and customer-agent interaction recording software now.

Want to talk? Email the Accurate Always business development team for a perfect-fit customer-agent interaction recording solution for call quality assurance in your contact center, or dial 1-800-828-9428 or 1-650-728-9428 for immediate assistance.

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