Recording Calls from Radio and Telephone Analog Interfaces

Voxida records and monitors analog telephone and radio- digitally.

Voxida can be configured to record digital and IP radio, VoIP PBX systems, video and digital telephones off a PBX. Analog recording, when done correctly, can provide a rich level of call detail.

Capturing Analog Calls- Intelligently

There's more to life than noise-driven recording

Voxida listens, monitors and records by interpreting call signaling data to initiate, or trigger, voice recording. The signaling data triggers are custom-configurable, allowing user- and geographic-specific configuration, of Voxida's conversation recording behavior. Recording upon such triggers ensures that all call data is preserved, something that cannot be accomplished with VOX-driven recording.

Please note that the Accurate Always analog communications capture technology support does not include the use of clumsy and ineffective handset tap or decentralized USB devices, which quickly become unmanageable in even the smallest of contact center implementations.

If you are considering handset taps and/or a VOX-driven recording modality, please contact us. We can find a better way to log your calls today and keep you operational into the future. Send us an email about your phone or radio call recording requirements for an immediate response.

Recording Interfaces
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