Digital Trunk-Side Call Recording Solutions

Connecting Voxida call recording systems to VoIP, analog or digital T1 trunks

Trunk-side/line-side call recording, where Voxida is connected to your incoming lines (T1/E1, commonly with ISDN/PRI/BRI signaling), is often a good choice when cost savings are key or if you are using a legacy PBX.

Voxida Trunk-Side Call Recording Systems

The Voxida appliances can capture conversations from the telecom trunks or on the station/extension-side. A single Voxida appliance can capture communications from one, or both, connections at once.

Learn more about what makes up the Voxida trunk-side recording solutions:

Let Accurate Always assess your T1/ISDN/PRI recording and quality monitoring requirements and propose a solution that is a fit for your call volume, workflow and budget. Send us an email about ISDN-PRI/BRI, T1 CAS or other trunk-side call recording today.
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