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Digital Trunk-Side Call Recording Solutions

Connecting Voxida call recording systems to VoIP, analog or digital T1 trunks

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Trunk-side/line-side call recording, where Voxida is connected to your incoming lines (T1/E1, commonly with ISDN/PRI/BRI signaling), is often a good choice when cost savings are key or if you are using a legacy PBX. It's important to discuss the specifics, however, to determine what the best value proposition is in the long run with a company that has many years of experience in the area.     

Voxida Trunk-Side Call Recording Systems Can Also Record Station-side 

The Voxida appliances can capture conversations from the telecom trunks and also on the station/extension-side. A single Voxida appliance can capture communications from one, or both, connection modalities at once. This allows you to have a custom solution that is an exact match for your needs.

Telecom (trunk) line and protocol support:

Learn more about what makes up the Voxida trunk-side recorder:

SystemsThe Voxida Call Recording Appliances provide optimized hardware for digital and IP voice and video recording
Voxida Software SuiteThe Voxida Voice Software Platform runs on the Voxida Appliances
Voxida Additional ModulesOptional Voxida Software Modules run on the Voice Software Platform
Let Accurate Always assess your T1/ISDN/PRI recording and quality monitoring requirements and propose a solution that is a fit for your call volume, workflow and budget. Send us an email about your ISDN-PRI/BRI, T1 CAS or other trunk-side call recording needs today or use our contact form above for a rapid response.
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