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Intercom and Turret Call Recorders

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The Voxida communication recording solutions can record proprietary IPC trading turrets, intercom (including Drake/Clear-Com models) and other digital, analog and IP/RoIP signal types.

With a built-in reporting suite, call review tools, and the ability to live monitor communications, Voxida is engineered to help you manage your communications for compliance, training and verification.    

Voxida interfaces with:

Learn more about the Voxida communications recording systems:

SystemsThe Voxida Appliances, the optimized hardware for voice and video recording
Voxida Software SuiteThe Voxida Voice Software Platform, which runs on the Voxida Appliances
Voxida Additional ModulesOptional Voxida Software Modules, which run on the Voxida Voice Software Platform
Please note that Voxida has an extensible framework that is constantly updated to support new interfaces and recording requirements, which may, or may not, be detailed here. If you do not see your intercom or turret system listed, that does not necessarily mean that it is unsupported. Please contact us for the latest in intercom and turret support.
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