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VoIP Call Recording- Record Enterprise IP Voice Calls

The Voxida IP recording systems are compatible with enterprise VoIP-enabled PBX

Accurate Always call recording solutions support enterprise proprietary VoIP systems. Recording IP voice calls off Avaya, Cisco, Inter-Tel, Nortel, NEC, Siemens or other VoIP-enabled PBX can be done a number of ways, via a number of different protocols. 

 Deployment can vary a great deal based on number of locations, subnets, operational requirements and internal security policies. 

Voxida can also be configured to record digital/TDM, and analog phones off PBX systems as well. Learn about the phone systems we integrate with

VoIP Call Recording Diagram

Voice and video call recording software and appliances

Voxida Software SuiteThe Voxida call recording software suite records, monitors and reports on calls
Voxida Additional ModulesAdditional software enhancements build on the Voxida software suite
SystemsWe also offer a turnkey solution with the Voxida appliances

Please note that Voxida has an extensible framework that is constantly updated to support new interfaces and call recording requirements, which may or may not be detailed here. If you do not see your VoIP PBX or IP gateway listed, that does not necessarily mean that it is not supported. Please contact us for additional information about current VoIP call recording and monitoring support.

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