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Communications Recording and Call
Monitoring Solution Design Services

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Accurate Always partners with you to evaluate, design and deploy call recording and monitoring initiatives in your center

Every call center has different recording requirements. Agents could be in a single site, or they could be in geo-diverse contact centers. Objectives could include assuring quality customer-agent interactions, training staff, reducing liability or hundreds of constantly evolving requirements, which, once achieved, they can further drive your center to excellence.

Voxida, Accurate Always communications recording platform, was engineered to fit into your work-flow and to interface, out of the box, with your existing VoIP phones, telecom trunks, digital PBX, video, turrets and intercom in your current, and future, technology roadmap.

We can plan for any archival and data retention requirements, set up permissions schemes that match your security mandates and much more.

Do you have specific HIPAA compliance concerns for recording calls in your healthcare contact center or hospital? We can address those and put the appropriate safe-guards in place.

Are you looking at adding recording as a part of a larger DVRS RFP for government or military applications? We can also build to suit there. Simply contact us.

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