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Training from the Source

Learn more about our custom training packages that are designed to work the way you do.Contact Us

Everyone learns differently. New users need to be trained and you may need a few reminders along the way. We offer a number of options for initial onsite instruction, as well as ongoing education.

Custom onsite training programs

Custom onsite programs

We offer a full onsite training program for new users, managers, and system administrators. Each training session is designed for your center's unique needs. Our trainers address how to use the system within your workflow so that your staff is empowered, ensuring that your Voxida call recording solution is rapidly adopted and put to use.

Voxida University

Voxida U Online learning portal for computer based training

We offer full online training resources, the latest manuals and best practice tips, and our customer-only newsletter, On the Record, for your ongoing learning. You can access it all through the Voxida U portal. Your representative will provide you with logon information.

Private online training sessions

Private online agent training sessions

Prefer something more intimate? We can arrange for one-on-one, fully interactive, multimedia enabled training remotely, via any Internet connected PC. Private sessions with leading instructors at Accurate Always enable you to quickly learn how to conduct basic tasks as an agent, manager, supervisor, or administrator. Whatever you need to learn, we can teach you.

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