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Call Recording Solutions to Record Voice and Video

Voxida communications recording software and systems capture calls in your contact center, healthcare or governmental organization. Voxida offers a comprehensive range of features, including high-quality voice and video call recording, communications monitoring, metadata indexing, search capabilities, ease-of-mind security measures, integration options, and advanced analytics. It’s an effective solution, scalable to accommodate the needs of both small and large organizations, and adapts to changes in call volume and technological requirements.

User-friendly interfaces and intuitive navigation greatly enhance the usability of the call recording system, making it accessible to various users across an organization. Standard users can be fully operational on the system in an hour or two of training.

Voxida offers multiple redundancy options, compliance recording, and enhanced security measures and can record VoIP, digital and analog interfaces in a single system. It handles high call volumes without compromising on recording quality. Advanced reporting and analytics capabilities allow organizations to gain insights from recorded interactions, enabling them to make informed decisions and improve interactions. 

As the Voxida solutions are hand-built to order, they are tailored to fit the unique requirements your organization. In almost all cases you will be up and recording on day one. Learn more about the various systems and software by clicking the images below.

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