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Record telephone calls on demand

Voxida offers complete flexibility in telephone recording. Whether you want to capture 100% of conversations on all lines, record calls by schedule on certain extensions, or to record certain phones on demand, you can do so without additional cost.

Some centers opt to record their calls on demand for data privacy concerns, to only capture what's of interest, or to easily allow for opt in recording. Any of the phones that are deemed as recordable only on demand can be changed should policies be modified in the future. In addition, most of the calls can be recordable full time, where only a small subset of lines in set for on demand recording if that best fits your requirements. Voxida is ultimately flexible by current or future practices, agent, department or other mandate.

Selectively capturing phone conversations only takes a quick click of a button in Voxida user interface. We also offer a telephone-triggered record on demand module for times when that better fits your work-flow.

If you'd like to see this work in a real-world environment, please contact us to set up a web-based demo today. You can also learn more about on demand call recording software here.

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