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Voxida Heartbeat- Call Center Analytics Software

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Actionable Analytics, Automatically Delivered to the Contact Center or Organization

Voxida is known for never missing a beat. Now neither will you. The Voxida Heartbeat software package gives your call center the information you need to act.

The Voxida Heartbeat provides up-to-date information on your center's utilization, traffic and resource allocations via user-friendly periodic alerts. Voxida also self-monitors its health and sends diagnostics to system administrators using the Heartbeat software, which lessens administrative overhead.

Call centers and rganizations that use the Voxida Heartbeat receive periodic notifications that help them to monitor Voxida's health, as well as being able to better analyze traffic levels, storage utilization, and other essential call metrics. The Voxida Heartbeat, when used in conjunction with the Voxida call center reporting software package, allows administrators to better allocate internal recourses, often resulting in lower staffing costs and increased customer satisfaction.

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