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Voxida Advanced Archiver

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Enhanced archival controls for backing up telephone or radio calls, locally or remotely

Accurate Always offers integrated, complete solutions for warehousing immense amounts of data for months, years, or even decades. A sophisticated, custom conversation archival solution for high-traffic call centers, that is in addition to the archival options that are included in the Voxida base package, is also available with this software module.

Whether you are retaining records for compliance, or to maintain a rich communications history for your operation, the Voxida Advanced Archiver is the software of choice for differential retention periods, full reporting and user tracking and has guarenteed future support. When used with the rest of the included communications recording, analysis and monitoring suite, you have a complete view into today's and historical operations.

Please contact us to discuss your center's traffic and audio record retention requirements. There is a cost-savings plan that will meet your data storage needs for large data sets.

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