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Quality Monitoring Software | Voxida Monitor

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Live monitor phone conversations for contact center quality assurance

The Voxida call recording solutions always include unlimited licenses for quality monitoring, which helps you easily, and cost-effectively, ensure quality in your contact center. By simply specifying if quality monitoring is allowed on a given extension, you can immediately harvest real-time data and analytics about your center's phone traffic level, gauge customer satisfaction, as well as identify areas that you can better train your agents.

Voxida is designed to compliment your existing work-flows and security requirements. There is a simple graphical user interface to limit access by extension, user, group or department. It's also possible to flag and comment live calls, as you quality monitor them, so you can easily review the call data for agent training, follow-up or 3rd party analysis. The Voxida call center reporting software helps you further explore this intelligence so you can continuously improve your operations and keep your agents, supervisors, managers and customers feeling empowered.

Voxida makes assuring the quality of customer-agent interactions easy, accessible and available for you at no additional charge, for unlimited seats, in a single location or across multiple contact centers. It is possible to use this powerful technology anywhere, anytime, over a secure VPN.

Contact us to explore how Accurate Always Inc. has helped contact centers similar to yours achieve operational excellence by analyzing conversations in their contact center quality monitoring initiatives.

Want to learn more about ensuring customer-agent interaction quality in your contact center, as well as how you can live monitor calls for quality assurance? Please see the contact center quality assurance section.

×Accurate Always’ ISO 9001:2015 registration
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