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Full Time Call Recording Software - Voxida Record

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The Voxida software suite allows you to automatically record all calls, all the time, on demand or by schedule. Most organizations using Voxida utilize the full-time call capture capabilities to log all of the digital or VoIP telephone, intercom or radio conversations, whether it is for immediate call playback or long term archival.

The Voxida call recording software captures all conversations

If you are interested in recording conversations for compliance, quality assurance, auditing or liability reduction, full-time recording is a good option for your center. Customer support centers and healthcare, financial, aerospace and defense organizations often choose this strategy for their critical call recording, as it can be performed on all lines-- all of the time-- or by schedule on a per extension, campaign, agent, department and channel basis.

The full time call recording challenge

When you capture all of your telephone and radio calls, you have a number of records larger by several orders of magnitude than you would if you only recorded you calls selectively/on demand. Capturing that many conversations requires system speed, intelligent online storage and reliable, fully managed call archiving to record and retrieve these calls accurately and without system latency. 

Accurate Always built the Voxida systems to handle all your calls, all of the time, and to retrieve a large volume of call data in seconds with the easy-to-use Voxida Viewer software package. This powerful, user-friendly interface and robust database help you find the conversations that you need, quickly and easily.

Recording or quality monitoring customer or healthcare calls? The Voxida contact center software suite gives you the tools required to initiate a highly targeted, granular search immediately. You can find calls as soon as they go back on-hook, or even while they are occurring via the quality-monitoring interface, which gives you real-time analytics and allows you listen to live conversations for quality assurance purposes.

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