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Voxida Report- Call Center Reporting Software

Gather intelligence on your contact center, agent-caller interactions and performance with custom, easy-to-use call center reports

Voxida goes Way Beyond Words™ not only recording contact center conversations but also capturing, and filtering, large volumes of meta data which provides essential information about your operations.

Run a Voxida call center report to utilize this vast intelligence, and get immediate data about your contact center's call handling, so you can immediately determine how to most effectively utilize internal resources. When you analyze communications using the Voxida reporting interface, you can see what's working, and what isn't, so you can quickly applaud, or correct, agent performance. As such, Voxida Reports are a cornerstone of an effective call center agent training and review initiative.

Voxida's powerful search capability finds calls that have already transpired for review; the quality monitoring software allows you to see center-wide call flow analytics and monitor calls in progress; and the Voxida call center reporting software pulls this data together in a friendly, user customized format that can be printed to PDF, HTML, or imported into Excel or further used to train agents, review, audit or share critical communication data.

Learn more about the appliances and call center recording and quality assurance software that comprises the Voxida call recording solutions now.

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