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Schedule the recording of calls with Voxida Schedule

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Recording calls on schedule to conform to corporate or regulatory requirements

One of the more powerful features that Voxida offers is the ability for a manager, supervisor or administrator to create and assign custom call recording schedules. Voxida allows you to record agents, extensions, groups and channels on the days and times you specify.

Voxida allows you to limit your recording to occur during a defined schedule, for certain extensions or users, call types or other criteria you enter. The schedules allow for full-time recording during a work shift or other hours that you want to record, daily or weekly, by channel or extension.

During these scheduled recording periods, supervisors have full quality monitoring control and a suite of real-time review tools available for live call analysis.

Voxida also offers comprehensive call center reporting tools that provide valuable analytics about agent and work group performance in your contact center.

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