Voxida 3275The Voxida 3275 Call Center Recording and Monitoring Solution

For full-time, on-demand and scheduled call recording and live quality monitoring for contact centers and governmental organizations

The Voxida 3275 digital PBX, analog and VoIP call recording systems allow you to live-monitor and record voice in your call center, both locally or remotely. Working as a stand-alone solution or with a centralized communication server, the Voxida 3275 is a leading choice for telephone, radio and radar monitoring and recording in a single or multi-site deployment.

Accurate Always delivers a rugged, fault-tolerant system featuring redundancy where it counts and industrial-grade components. A true LAN/WAN-enabled call recording system, the Voxida 3275 securely integrates with your internal networks.

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Voxida features innovative call recording and quality monitoring software:

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