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Voxida Hive Unlimited Scalability and Geo-Diversity

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The scalable, distributed call recording and monitoring solution

Today's organizations are dynamic and subject to rapid growth or restructuring onsite, or over multiple locations. Voxida is designed to be scalable and rapidly adapt to your needs.

All of the Voxida appliances can be configured to infinitly increase your channel, location and extension count. When you have a high traffic center, or multiple contact center sites, using Voxida Hive will give you immediate access (while simultaneously recording or monitoring any or all conversations) to your vital call data weeks, months or even decades down the road with Voxida Advanced Archiver.

Please contact us to discuss your current and anticipated recording needs for one or more of your call center locations. We will assess your call traffic and load and suggest a secure, cost-effective solution to record, manage and retrieve calls.

Voice and video call recording software and appliances

Voxida Software SuiteThe Voxida call recording software suite records, monitors and reports on calls
Voxida Additional ModulesAdditional software enhancements build on the Voxida software suite
SystemsWe also offer a turnkey solution with the Voxida appliances
×Accurate Always’ ISO 9001:2015 registration
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