Voxida HiveThe Voxida Hive

Multi-node, or multi-site distributed call recording and monitoring solution

Call centers, healthcare organizations and governmental agencies are dynamic and can be subject to rapid growth or restructuring, onsite or over multiple locations. Voxida is meant to be scalable and rapidly adapt to your needs. A single Voxida 3375 enterprise class call recording system can support up recording up to 480 concurrent conversations in VoIP environments and up to 256 channels/extensions on digital or analog PBX.

You can add any model of the Voxida appliances to increase your channel/extension count, infinitely. When you have one high traffic center, or multiple contact center sites, using Voxida Hive will give you immediate access (while simultaneously recording or monitoring any or all conversations) to your vital call data weeks, months or even decades down the road with Voxida Advanced Archiver.

Please contact us to discuss your current and anticipated recording needs for one or more of your call center locations. We will assess your call traffic and load and suggest a secure, cost-effective solution to record, manage and retrieve calls. Email our sales engineers now.

Find out more about software and hardware that comprise the Voxida Solutions:

Recording interfaces
Common Communications Recording ConnectionsDownload the slides
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