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The Voxida Voice and Video recording systems

Voxida is offered as a comprehensive solution that combines the hardware and communications recording software needed to capture and monitor VoIP, digital or analog phone or radio communications in a single appliance.

Voxida systems are known for their versatility and are designed to capture and record a wide range of communication interactions, including phone calls, radio communications, video conferences, screen captures, and more. As they are designed to scale and accommodate single site or multitiple sites.

The Voxida call recorders are often utilized in industries with strict regulatory requirements, such as financial services and healthcare to help organizations meet compliance standards by securely capturing and archiving communication interactions for auditing and regulatory purposes.

With unparalleled reliability and stability, Voxida ensures that critical communication interactions are consistently recorded and available for playback and analysis. The appliances offer robust search and retrieval functionalities, making it easier for users to find specific recordings or segments of calls based on various criteria such as date, time, caller ID, keywords, and more.

Voxida 3175EX
Voxida 3275
Voxida 3275EX
Built to address smaller density call recording needs.
Flexible and scalable, designed for diverse centers.
Engineered for increasingly  demanding, high-traffic environments.
Channel or line support per system


(or up to 480 for VoIP) 

Storage of recording hours for immediate access
RAID level support
RAID 6 or RAID 10
Archival unlimited volumes to
Blue-ray RW or NAS
  • The user interface is so intuitive that most users are fully operational in an hour's time
  • The ability to live monitor conversations to assure quality interactions, both locally and remotely
  • Full-time, on-demand or scheduled recording options
  • Multiple onsite and computer-based training options, to get rapidly get your staff up to speed
  • Secure local or remote search, replay and review of communications
  • The ability to scale up and out for unlimited recording capacity in a single site or across enterprises
×Accurate Always’ ISO 9001:2015 registration
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